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30th January 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

Before jumping into the juxtaposition and elucidate respective Zodiac Signs on the rationale of emotional intelligence capability, we need to understand the term emotional intelligence and its true essence, vividly. Well, emotional intelligence is a mental phenomenon where the individual renders an equal amount of emotion and intelligence to a given or unprecedented situation. Sometimes emotion tends to compel the individual to embrace unusual and irrelevant things while intelligence is a refined state to see the clear difference between evil and the angel. But humanity can not stick to intelligence all the time being an embodiment of the sentiment and heart. So here the concept of “Emotional Intelligence” comes to the rescue.

It is a balanced conglomeration of both optimistic portions of Emotion and Intelligence. Through emotional intelligence, one can not go beyond the emotional territory, at the same time, intelligence will do the needful in response to the situation.

Here we bring you the zodiac signs with a high proportion of emotional intelligence.


1- Pisces

Pisces people impose the quality of emotional intelligence most in comparison to other zodiac signs. Their concentration level and the power of analyzing things make them unique among others. With their generous and kind heart, they share the same amount of emotion as they share intelligence.


2- Cancer

Cancer people deeply analyze things before they react. They tend to understand the situation before getting reactive. Their sentiment plays a very important part of their decision making. They can not hurt people all of a sudden.


3- Libra

Libra comes in the no 3 positions as people of Libra are truly intelligent. Well, they do not let their intelligence overshadow the emotional aspect. They believe in love and compassion.


4- Gemini

Gemini people are extremely emotional. If they get disturbed, they will be noticed too easily. Their intelligence is another part of the character where the concerned individual behaves according to the situation.


5- Virgo

Virgo people are quite judgmental. They judge themselves too. When it comes to decision making, they spend a lot of time overthinking. Such activities make them truly special.


6- Scorpio

Scorpio people are truly emotional. But they fear to express their vulnerability since they think someone would misuse their weakness. They consider things often from an emotional aspect, which makes them a kind of emotionally intelligent individuals.


7- Capricorn

Capricorn People are the least emotional. Well, it is not like they don’t understand the language of emotion but they are too practical about things. Their inclination of intelligence is more than the emotional part.


8- Taurus

Taurus people are good at giving advice. They don’t show their emotion at all. The rough and tough attitude they like to maintain. They are too pragmatic and suggest a real scenario. They can not construct things on a fallacy.


9- Leo

Leo people are egocentric and self-obsessed. They are very selective while choosing people to be in their proximity. They are intelligent to another level.


10- Sagittarius

They are lone voyagers. Sagittarius is not emotionally intelligent because they choose to be alone in the path. They are very less emotional and tend to have their journey on their own.


11- Aries

Aries people are not emotionally intelligent. They always think about the betterment of themselves. Caring and sharing with others don’t come in their characteristic. Their lack of understanding usually hurts people.



Aquarius is at the bottom of the list as far as emotional intelligence is concerned. They don’t trust people, either love to create any bond with them. Aquarius lives in their world and never get out of the shell. They are less emotional and more self-obsessed.

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