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15th January 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

The significance of education in human life can not be trivialized in any crucial circumstances or at the cost of any colossal thing. Education happens to be the paramount practice that shapes human behavior more than any other means.

The social etiquette and civilized behavior we always stress in our human bonding are outcomes of reasonable education and ethics we are inculcated from our childhood. But do we truly understand the essence of education, nowadays? Do we treasure the spirit of education and consider it beyond obtaining certificates? No, we do not! Perhaps the true meaning of education has lost its relevance in an era of so-called educated and enlightened people.

The only thing we are trying to deduct through this post that now education has a least and limited role to play in one’s social demeanor. The obsession with obtaining certificates has overshadowed the meaning of education, drastically. Generally speaking, people, you find around are educated but not that doesn’t mean they are civilized too. People impose stature, status, and money but when it comes to being socialized with others, they lack enthusiasm and concern vehemently.


What’s the best educational and career experts have to say on this?


Once the father of Political Science, Aristotle said, “Man is a social animal. One who lives beyond society must be an Angel or a Beast. There was a time when proper education was not so important and prevalent. People in the lack of formal education embraced ignorance. But the civilized behavior was never shredded from their personalities. They behaved with gregariousness, love, and integrity what we are lacking astronomically in today’s time. They are just abided by some regulations of society but no emotional attachment can be observed in them. Also, the system of education has categorized people to generate inferior complex. We are so indulged to bifurcate who is educated and who is not…

People have stooped being concerned about perishing humanity. We don’t bother if we have a good rapport with people around us or not, but we are concerned about the 12th result of the neighbor’s son. Where are we leading on this earth? Hope this addiction to success would not turn this world into a place of aliens with heart.

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