AstrologyVastuDiwali 2019- Tips and Remedies to bring the best out of it

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Diwali is the most significant festival celebrated by the practitioners of Hinduism, all over the world. Lord Rama along with Sita Ma and Lakshman returned to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile on this day. It is celebrated on the fifteenth day of the month of Kartik as per Panchang (Hindu Lunar calendar). This year, Diwali will be observed on 27th October.

Just like all the major Hindu festivals, Diwali too holds astrological significance according to the best Astrologer in India. This is because it is the start of the new lunar year as well. The planetary positions on this day are very welcoming of wealth and prosperity for all. All the acts of offering, charity, and social service are said to bring manifold results on the day of Diwali. Not just the best Astrologers in India but the best Vaastu experts too are in favor of this day bringing prosperity by following certain guidelines according to Vastu Shastra.

We have some easy Astrology and Vaastu tips and remedies to optimize the positivity that Diwali 2019 is going to bring to you and your family:

Astrology tips for this Diwali

  • Worship Lord Ganesha and offer him besan laddoo as Bhog to remove all kinds of obstacles that come in the way of your financial growth, business development, career, and relationships.
  • To be blessed with prosperity and wealth by Goddess Lakshmi, make her happy by offering lotus to her during Lakshmi Puja on Diwali.
  • With a pure heart and not expecting anything in return, donate woolen clothes, warm blankets, shawls, and caps to the needy to make your Diwali 2019 a more happy and memorable one.
  • Place clean drinking water in wide earthen bowls outside your home for stray animals and birds to seek blessings from nature on this Diwali.
  • Offer coriander seeds as Bhog during Lakshmi puja and place these seeds in your money locker to attract more wealth.

Vaastu Tips for this Diwali

  • Be blessed with the arrival of Goddess Lakshmi by removing all the unwanted clutter from your home as she is fond of cleanliness and is known to reside in it.
  • To ensure economic stability, clean the North and Northeast area of your house and lighten the place for the free flow of wealth in your house.
  • Invite positivity and happiness in your house by hanging Toran (decorative hanging for the door) made of fresh marigold flower and Ashoka tree leaves. Make sure to distinctly decorate the entrance with beautiful colors and lights to welcome positive energies inside your house.
  • Light Diyas (earthen lamps) in the Northeast, North, and central zone of the house after Lakshmi puja for the prosperity, happiness, and fortune of you and your family.
  • Discard dysfunctional electronics and cracked or broken utensils from your home as these are known to bring bad luck.
  • Fill a bowl made of steel with clean water and place it in the Northeast direction and change the water at least once a week to eliminate negativity and bad health from your house.

Most of us want to be blessed by prosperity and wealth and Diwali is the perfect occasion to do the same. Following these tips and remedies will not only help you gain wealth but also bring you mental and emotional peace. For more suggestions like these on different festivals, contact our Vaastu and Astrology Experts, Vishal, and Shweta Bhardwaj respectively at

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