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8th April 2020by Shubham Agarwal0

There is a very large difference between Sun and Moon Signs.

Sun-Sign is practiced in Western Astrology and Moon-Sign in Indian Vedic Astrology. Planet Sun remains in each Zodiac Sign for a month (One year/12 month for 12 Zodiac signs) …so the month and date of your birth determines your Sun-Sign… the year does not matter here. For example, planet Sun remains in Aries Sign from March 22nd to April 21st every year. So if someone is born in this date range, then he/she is an Aries Sun-Sign. Sun-Sign would mean the zodiac sign occupied by planet Sun at the time of birth.

Similarly, Moon-Sign means the zodiac sign occupied by planet Moon at the time of birth. Unlike Sun-Sign which requires only date and month of birth to be known…Moon-Sign can be known if the year and time of birth are also available, the reason being Moon changing signs in two and a half days, so it is difficult to know where it was just by knowing a date without year and month.

So it is very possible most of the time the Moon-Sign and Sun-Sign are different when worked out by different systems. Even inside one branch of astrology, i.e Vedic and Western, these signs differ as both planets mostly occupy different zodiac signs at a given time.

Unfortunately, those that do not look at astrology seriously only see the Sun-Sign quite frequently. The Sun-Sign is what you’ll be told if you go ask a random person or friend you know their Zodiac Sign. Not as many people know of the Moon-Sign.

How can I know my moon sign in astrology?

If you want to know your own Moon sign, then you must know some basics of the Astrology/ Birth chart. Or else Astrologer can tell you your Moon sign. If you know the basics, it is very easy and simple to find out your Moon sign. Simply find out where the Planet Moon is placed in any of the 12 houses in the birth chart. Its short form is Mo. Then find out the sign that falls in that house. The sign may be any one of the 12 zodiac signs.

What do Sun-Sign and Moon-Sign represent?

Sun-Sign represents our base qualities of the Zodiac; sometimes, it can be thought of like the Ascendant Sign, or Rising Sign. It’s our core, and possibly the most influencing planet in our astrological charts. This is how your mind works and thinks, and how you can most likely predict for the future. Ascendant Signs, unlike this, is who we come off as to the world, and our interests.

Moon-Sign is our inner personality. It is our emotions, heart, and what we hide from the world. Our Sign in the Moon Sign will often tell you what your inner needs and wants are, especially sometimes how to comfort yourself. It is very important to know.

About rising sign; it is the zodiac sign that is rising in East at the time of birth. Also called Ascendant or Lagna, denotes physical body, nature, and self. From this position, all the houses take their respective roles and positions.

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