FestivalsWhen is Dhanu Sankranti in 2020? Know its significance.

21st November 2020by Arjun Chouhan0

Another auspicious day as per Hindu Mythology is all set to come on 15th December 2020, it is the day when the sun enters Sagittarius the reason why it is known as ‘Dhanu Sankranti’, this festival has most important significance in the state ‘Orissa’ where this day is celebrated with a lot of joy and celebration, it also marks the beginning of Makar Sakranti which is further observed for a month.

Dhanu Sankranti 2020 : Date and Time

Important timings for this auspicious day are as follows:

Date – 15th December 

Sunrise – 7.04 am

Sunset- 5.39 pm

Punya Kaal Muurta: 12.22pm-5.39pm

Maha Punya Kaal Muhurta: 3.54pm-5.39pm

Sakranti Moment- 9.38 pm

Significance Of Dhanu Sankranti 

According to best Vastu expert Vishal Bhardwaj, the main relevance behind this day is the in Orissa, Pausha month is considered to be plenty, so after gathering crops, a festival is dedicated and celebrated to worship hard-work of labor and for a good harvest, it marks the beginning of Makar Sankranti which is observed for a month and refrains from doing any auspicious thing such as marriage, house-warming ceremonies or any other auspicious ceremonies.

Legends Associated With Dhanu Sankranti

The legends associated with Dhanu Sankranti are Sun God and Lord Jagannath, many special prayers and offerings are made to Lord Jagannath on this auspicious day. All adults and children celebrate together mainly in Orissa and this festival is also followed by several plays and musical performances, many acts of Lord Krishna’s Life are enacted in short episodes on this day. Even many foreigners visit the Puri Temple of Lord Jagannath to witness the great Puja that is been done to gather blessings of the divine lord. The temple is decorated with lights and flowers and many devotees be a part of this huge day.

Rituals To Be Followed in Dhanu Sankranti    

  •  Lord Jagannath is worshipped immensely on this day in various parts of the county, majorly Orissa followed by several devotees.
  • Special Prasad known as Dhanu Muan is made on this day and is offered to Lord Jagannath, it is made out of puffed rice and dry fruits.
  • Bargarh Town which is famously known as the biggest open-air theatre of Orissa runs various episodes of Lord’s Krishna Life, the devotees take part in enacting the play and depict various episodes in the theatre.
  • The very known ‘Bow Ceremony’ as mentioned in Bhagavad Gita is surely played in the theatre of Orissa on this day.
  •  This day is very auspicious and fruitful to make offerings and charity as well.
  • Many devotees also observe a fast on this day for happiness and good fortune, the day begins by offering water and flowers to Sun God during sunrise to obtain Lord’s blessing and in the evening Puja of Lord, Jagannath is attended in the temple later majorly in Puri Temple of Lord Jagannath.

This was all about Dhanu Sankranti, hope you find this information useful.

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