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There are high chances that you might have heard about the term “MangalDosha” or “Manglik” even if you don’t have any knowledge or interest about astrology. Precisely said, astrology very much flows into the veins of our Indian culture and that gives a chance to fraudsters to use it to loot people or atleast scare them.

“One of the partners will die if you marry a Manglik”

This is scary yet so common lines that we hear out of many so called “top astrologers” but is it really the truth? This article gives you the real insight.


The Indian culture divides our life into 16 sanskaras which starts even before birth and ends with death, the last sanskara being the AntimSanskara i.e. cremation. Out of these 16 sanskaras, marriage is the most important sanskara essential to continue the creation. After marriage, the couple enter into Grihastha Ashram which is the pivot on which rest all our social institutions and customs. The couple not only perform their duties towards family but also pay attention to social responsibility, pay social debts and keep the wheels of society moving. The married life is not only upholding individual interests but on it also lies the burden of raising a worthy next generation. All this is implicit in our familiar structure.

Therefore, marriage in Indian customs is not a physical or social contract alone but a sanctified event. It is witnessed by the PanchMahabhuta, Nine Planets, Thirty Three KotiDevtas and is blessed by lord Saptapadi through the chanting of Vedic Mantras. So solemnised, it is said that the marriage unites the girl and the boy for seven births, both vowing to help each other and share alike the joys and sorrows together. The marriage being the most important aspect of life, the parents of girl and the boy settle the marriages of their respective daughters and sons paying utmost precaution so that the union could last forever bringing forth the peace, happiness and prosperity in the family. For the union, they seek the advise of a learned astrologer or Pundit who matches and verifies the horoscopes of both the girl and the boy from multiple angles to check the compatibility and ever lasting union. Out of the many aspects including AshtakootaMilaan, one important consideration where the attention is paid is Mangal or KujaDosha which if present in the horoscope of girl or the boy induce its blemishes on the married life of the couple in various ways.

The placement of Mars in lagna, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house in the horoscope of the girl or the boy is called the Mangal or KujaDosha and is considered as detrimental to the other in respect of family and conjugal happiness. Normally, these houses should be considered from lagna but many classical texts suggest that these houses should be considered from Moon and Venus as well. If such a condition manifests in the horoscope of any individual, it is advised that he/she should get married with a partner who also has the same dosha. Different scholars have opined in different way regarding the adverse effects of ManglikDosha. The general opinion based on the classical principles is that the marriage of a manglik with a non-manglik person will cause disastrous results and may prove fatal to the stability of marriage and quite detrimental to the spouse.

Effect of Mars in various houses

Mars is considered to be an evil planet in general and wherever it is posited or the houses which receive its aspect get blemished and destroy the signification of these houses abruptly.

  1. Lagna

If Mars is placed in lagna, it affects health and personality, its aspect on 4th house i.e. Sukhsthana destroys peace and happiness while its aspect on 7th house creates problem in marriage and married life. Its aspect on 8th house adversely affects the longevity.

  • 4th house

Mars in the 4th house spoils the family happiness and as a consequence causes separation between the husband and wife because from here it aspects the 7th house also which is 4th from 4th and 11th house which is 12th from 12th house.

  • 7th House

Effect of Mars on 7th house and lagna is already discussed. It will create disturbance in the marital matters related to these houses.

  • 8th House

From 8th house Mars will have its evil effect on houses 8th, 2nd & 3rd. 8th and 3rd houses are also considered for longevity. So, impact of Mars on these two houses will have its say on longevity as well.

  • 12th House

Mars in 12th house which inter alia is house of bed pleasures, depletes its signifcations and has its impact on the 7th house also by aspect. The 12th house being 6th from 7th house is the house of disease for the spouse and being 8th from 5th house is the house of longevity for the children. Thus Mars in 12th house creates all-round havoc for the native.

IMPORTANT- Longevity here doesn’t account for the lifespan but actually about the life of the relationship. There are remedies and self-analysis approach that can very much help in MangalDosha and we here at PredicitonsFor Success personally suggest that a good counseling session that gives a vision to both the partners before marriage can do wonders. Moreover, we never sell nor support any kind of big poojas or costly gemstones etc.

Note : Some scholars are of the opinion that Mars also causes MangalDosha if it is placed in 2nd house. In support of their belief they put forth the following arguments :

Mars in the 2nd house adversely affects 2nd house, 5th house, 8th house and 9th house and their signifcations. 2nd house is the Kutumbbhav. Mars in 2nd house creates rift in family. Aspect of Mars on 5th house gives problem in begetting children. It causes abortion, problem in conception etc. Its aspect on 8th is discussed earlier. Its aspect on 9th house may be troublesome for father.

Cancellation of MangalDosha

There are many combinations which nullifies the ill effects of MangalDosha. These combinations are as follows :

  • Manglik effect gets cancelled in case Mars is posited in any of the following vis-a-vis Aries in the first house, Sagittarius in the twelfth, Scorpio in fourth, Taurus in seventh and Aquarius in the eighth house.
  • Manglik effect gets cancelled in case Mars is posited in any of the following vis-a-vis Aries or Cancer in the fourth house and Aries or Cancer in the seventh.
  • Manglik effect gets cancelled in case Mars, in the twelfth house, is posited in any of the Rashis ruled by the planets Mars, Mercury and Venus.
  • Manglikdosha becomes ineffective in case strong Jupiter or Venus resides in the first or the seventh house in their own Rashi or in exalted position.
  • Manglikdosha is ineffective in case Mars is debilitated, combust or in the retrograde motion.
  • Manglik effect gets cancelled in case Mars is in his own Rashi or exalted.
  • Manglik effect gets cancelled in case there is a conjunction of Mars-Jupiter, Mars-Rahu or Mars-Moon.
  • Manglikdosha becomes ineffective in case all the auspicious planets are posited in Kendras and Trikonas, inauspicious are in 3, 6, 11 and 7th lord resides in the 7th itself.
  • Manglikdosha becomes ineffective, in case, Jupiter aspects 7th placed Mars.
  • In one’s horoscope if Saturn or Rahu are posited in the same house as Mars is posited in the other’s horoscope then Manglikdosha becomes ineffective.
  • In one’s horoscope if Mars is posited in either of 1,4,7,8 or 12 house and Saturn in other native’s horoscope is posited in any of the houses listed above then Manglikdosha becomes ineffective.
  • In case Ashtakoot points are more in number then Manglikdosha does not have any significance.
  • In case the native is a Manglik and in the other native’s horoscope if either of Rahu, Mars or Saturn are posited in 3, 6 or 11 house then Manglik dosh does not have any significance.
  • Manglik effect gets cancelled in case Mars is posited in any of the following Rashisvis-a-vis Capricorn in the seventh house and Pisces in the eighth.
  • Manglik effect gets cancelled in case Mars is posited in any of the following Rashisvis-a-vis Cancer in the seventh house and Capricorn in the first.
  • Manglik effect gets cancelled in case Mars is posited in any of the following Rashisvis-a-vis Aries, Cancer or Sagittarius in the twelfth house.

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