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13th April 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

We all are born on a specific day. The world has been designed by the almighty in such a beautiful way that every day is special with certain spiritual, astrological, and numerological significance. Every individual born in a specific calendar year has certain attributes; influenced by the implication of the day. The day a new soul comes into existent and calls life on this planet, we celebrate the day as the birthday of the concerned individual.

predictionforsuccess brings you an article explaining the essence of a birthday.


The significance of Birthday

A birthday is associated with a number. The number is nothing else but the amalgamation of the respective year, month, and date. A date is a number that has utmost implications. Till 31st of a month, we can have a date as the birthdate of a person. But how it is significant, we are yet to discover. Till 9 we have single numbers as our date of birth which is apparent. But once it goes beyond none, for example- 10,11 … So on, we have to add both the number of the date to find the hidden destiny number.


The implication of Mulank

In our previous article, we had discussed Moolank, Namank, and Bhagyank. The significance of Birthdate or Birthday is related to Mulank. Mulank is a term used for the birth date.


Importance in Numerology

When you are born on a specific day with a specific number as your Mulank, you are supposed to have certain traits and virtues according to the number in Numerology. The Mulank specifically influences the birth chart or Kundli of an individual. When your destiny number is decided, it portrays a complete assumption about your future and virtues.


Significance in Astrology

As far as Astrology is concerned, the birth date helps to create the Kundli and further prognostication about the individual and his future. The identification of particular Dosha in the Kundli and subsequent remedies to it also decided by the Date of Birth.

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