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Complete Home Vaastu Consultation

Is your home getting maximum out of 5 elements of Nature? Buildings have your emotion connected, make sure it is healthy

Just as you need positive food for your body, you need a positive place that ensures your peace and prosperity. A home with positive energy not only motivates you to achieve your goals but it also protects you from the negative energies that put hindrance/misbalance in your-

·         Career

·         Health

·         Relationships and Family Planning

·         Family Bonding

·         Wealth Management

·         Motivation and Inspiration

A vaastu compliant home guarantees the maximum benefits from the 5 Elements of Nature i.e. Air, water, earth, space and fire. A Vaastu consultation for your home/office includes-

·         Rooms and Directions Analysis

·         Kid’s Room Analysis

·         Worship Place

·         Work and Study Room Analysis

·         Plantation Analysis

·         Kitchen and Dining Area Analysis

·         Drawing room Analysis

·         Colour Therapy for your Home and literally much more

Easy Remedies (without breaking any walls we swear) for the defects in your house

Note: The fee described below is the minimum fee for a home size less than 1200 square feet. For bigger covered areas, the fee will vary. Also, physical inspection is available on request, please connect with us for more details.


Why Predictions For Success?

·         Vishal Bhardwaj- The Data Scientist turned certified Vaastu Consultant is one of the most renowned names in India

·         Detailed analysis of each room of your house so you can expect ‘no corner missed’

·         Critically acclaimed by clients over the internet and media houses like “The Economics Times”. “The Digest”. “Catch New”,  “The Quint” and many more

·         24/7 Support from the team

·         No restriction on number of questions or duration of call in a consultation

·         Very easy to follow remedies that don’t require any effort or money or breaking any walls in your house for Vaastu corrections. Mostly based on science and humanity and hence, no restricted to any particular Religion

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