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Complete Astrology and Numerology Analysis


What could be better than the powerful science like Astrology or Numerology? Combining both Astrology and Numerology to make the predictions even more accurate.

Complete chart analysis according to combination of both Astrology and Numerology which includes but not limited to-

·         Career

·         Marriage

·         Health

·         Foreign settlement

·         Wealth and much more

The most premium and the most popular consultation under the umbrella of service we offer, Complete Astrology and Numerology Analysis combine the power of both the Vedic and Advanced prediction techniques.

This is also the perfect gift for occasions like Birthday, or Marriage Anniversary. So either you are taking the consultation for yourself or your loved ones -please expect this to be the life-changing experience.

The remedies are easy to follow and based on Numerology, Astrology Science and Humanity.

Why Predictions For Success?

·         Shweta Bhardwaj – is the one of the India’s Most Popular certified Astrologer and Numerologist

·         Her Engineering background (Data Analytics-MCA) combined with Vedic Science (Astrology and Numerology) makes her predictions and suggestions ‘Logical’ and ‘Much effective

·         Critically acclaimed by clients over the internet and media houses like “The Economics Times”. “The Digest”. “Catch News”,  “The Quint” and many more

·         24/7 Support from the team

·         No restriction on number of questions or duration of call in a consultation

·         Very easy to follow remedies that doesn’t require any effort or money. Mostly based on science and humanity and hence, no restricted to any particular Religion

Our consultation is much more than just ‘questions and answers’; it is an interesting and intuitive session to guide you towards the success. 


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