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Vastu is the combination of science and art of the architectural designs and measurements. It is more inclined to the harmony with the nature and its elements.

Vastu is the place where people reside or dwell. Every Vastu aspect has a scientific perspective attached to it. Vastu Shastra guidelines followed in shops of the person may result in abundance of benefits. Vastu helps in removal of blockage of ‘sha-chi’ energy that is the negative energy.

Shops are established for the purpose of expanding business or running business.

The adjustment of placement of things would lead to Vastu benefits-

  1. Cash counter –
  • North direction is said to be the most auspicious side of a place. The cash counter most preferably should be positioned in the North direction only so that it opens in the same direction.
  • South- West corner of a shop is favored if the counter box is really heavy like a locker.
  • Cash box should always have some cash in it as absence of cash indicates misery.
  • You can keep Lakshmi Ganesh idol there but make sure that you worship it everyday.
  1. Almirah –

The best position of Almirah is South-West or South portion of the shop. The door of the almirah should be facing the North side of the shop.

  1. Seating arrangement of the owner-

If it is a big showroom with multiple employees, the owner of the shop must sit in south portion of the premise and facing East or North direction.

  1. Prayer place or Mandir-
  • Mandir should be positioned in the Northeastern direction of the shop. East or North is the second most preferable direction for it. Lord Ganesha and goddess Lakshmi symbolize prosperity and success and must be kept there.
  • Beginning or starting of the day in a shop should start with the prayer and lighting of mild incense stick (agarbatti) for the good vibes.
  1. Heavy Items

It would include items like bed if in carpenter’s shop, heavy machineries in a workshop etc. the Southwest direction is a favored choice for storing heavy material in a shop while North-East direction is very inauspicious for storing heavy items.

  1. Electrical Equipments

Electrical items like television, generators, batteries, fire equipments, or computer (if it is a computer shop) according to Vastu rules should be positioned in the South-East side of the shop.

  1. Light Weight Items

(a) The showcase of regular or daily use small items should be kept facing in the North or East direction especially in grocery store.

(b) The items which are used for regular sales or daily sales must be kept in the North-West direction of a store. It will boost up the sales further.

Note: For medical shops – North and East is good for keeping Ayurvedic medicines. South is best for surgical equipments and Allopathic medicines.

General tips-

  • The owner should maintain cleanliness and hygiene in the shop on regular basis. Any unused item, or not working electrical items like bulb, switches, and machines must be repaired immediately.
  • Small plants in the shop are considered to be pleasing and source of positive energy.
  • According to principles of Vastu, threshold should be avoided in a shop (in case of home Vastu, it is good). And, the downward slope in front of the shop brings inauspicious energy. It must be a little above the ground.
  • The size and shape of the shop should be of regular shape, irregular appropriation brings loss and negativity in the shop.
  • Picture of wars, crying woman and violent of animals create havoc and disturbance in the place.
  • The presence of light or mild music in the shop provides a soothing effect for visitors.
  • The shopkeeper can keep an aquarium with golden fishes in the North or East direction.
  • The owner should keep an eye on the shutter of the shop. If it is rusted then it should be painted and oiled as soon as possible.


If you think you are not getting the kind of results from the business you deserve then there are high chances that your shop is having Vastu defects which must be treated to open the doors of success.

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