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Are you suffering because of the frequent occurrence of ill-fated events? Are you facing lots and lots of hindrances in the activities you indulge in?

Then Pitra Dosha could be the reason behind for all the unfortunate happenings in your life. People with Pitra Dosha find themselves in middle of conflicts.

What is ‘Pitra Dosha’?

Pitra Dosha is the fault in the karma of the ancestors which are now passed on to the native. Sometimes, it is also said that the ancestral souls have left some unfinished business and so are not able to attain Moksha or salvation. The receipts of bad karma of ancestors follow even after their death and the native is the bearer of it. Sometimes it is even due to non performance of the Sharadh of the departed soul properly.

How to identify if it is Pitra Dosha?

All the receipts of the karma either good or bad have the bearing in the next life of the soul. Most of the time it is explicitly shown in the birth chart of the person. Pitra Dosha has its undesirable impact on the life of the native which can be seen in the way events unfold in unfavorable outcomes like –

  • Frequent accidents occurring in the family.
  • Financial losses- You may face sudden loss of money. You are not able to gain income well. You might as well find yourself in the vicious circle of debt.
  • Unforeseen injuries like disability of body parts, fractures, etc are occurring in an abrupt way.
  • When there is unanticipated miscarriage happening when you are expecting a child.
  • Even though after a lot of attempts to succeed you are facing difficulties  to achieve success in your career path.
  • Sometimes you are facing lot number of obstacles for your marriage.
  • Abrupt death in the family (suicide or death by accident).
  • There are loads of of quarrels and disputes arising among the family members over petty issues.
  • When you are not able to proceed for any auspicious event. For example like house warming, marriage, engagement, child birth etc. is not able to fulfill.

What can be done?

Pitra Dosha is carried by birth (in the horoscope) of the person. You can consult the world’s best online astrologer Shweta Bhardwaj at predictionsforsuccess for precise understanding of your birth chart and dosha. The soul has the responsibility of repaying and fulfilling its deeds. Pitra Dosha can have adverse effects on native’s life if not treated well. The remedies cannot totally eradicate the faults but can help in bearing the peace and satisfaction to the ancestors. Here are some of the easy Pitra Dosha remedies that could be followed to lessen the effect-

  • Start your morning with fresh bath and offer prayer and flower to God with Gayatri Mantra then offer Gangajal to the sun.
  • The native should give jaggery and wheat to the cow.
  • The native should instill the habit of donating food and money to the needy and the Brahmins whenever possible, as their blessings releases bad karmas.
  • The person should recite or listen to Harivanshpuram katha and chant Gayathri Mantra with the purpose to rectify Pitra Dosha.
  • The native family can visit famous holy places like Trayambakeshwar or Gaya at a specified time to do the needful.
  • It is also assumed that crows are messenger of the ancestors. The native should feed the crows with some food and water.
  • Shradh rituals of the deceased should be observed with all the conditions and the family of the deceased should pray for their peace.
  • The native or his family should plant a banyan tree and must water it daily.
  • The performance of rituals at the time of Shradh is a holy prayer for the peace of soul of the deceased and should follow it with utmost sincerity. Non- vegetarian food should be avoided especially for the time period of Shradh.
  • The following Mantra must be recited while performing prayer and doing all the rituals to cure the  faults in Pitra Dosha-


“Om Devtabhya Pitrabyash Mahayogibhaya cha

Namah Swahaya Sarwadhya Nityamev Namo Namah”


  • The native should do Tarpan and Pindadaan (donation or charity) during the time of Sharadh for release of the soul in peace. This is done to liberate the soul from distress and sufferings.
  • Shrimadbhagwad Gita (a Hindu sacred book) brings the cure
    of pain through its readings and learning. It is always advisable to follow the path described in the Shrimadbhagwad Gita as it shows the way of life.


Pitra Dosha should not be treated as punishment or sin; it should be handled as a way of doing good karmas. Pitra Dosha can be minimized with the guidelines provided above.

For more accurate guidance and help you can always seek the India’s best online astrologer Shweta Bhardwaj at Predictionsforsuccess.

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