NumerologyChanging Names- a remedy to success.

20th April 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

Numerology is just not about randomly changing names and you will succeed all of a sudden. It has a very vast meaning and needs detailed analysis from the best Numerologist or Numerology expert.

Only those well-known numerologists can tell you what to do with your name, whether or not you need to change your name or add/remove words.

We often come across news where celebrities either change their respective names or excerpt a few letters to their names for better success in life.

So what those changes do and how they impact the life of the concerned individual, we will discern in our post.


Kareena Kapoor

The Heroine actress had changed her name to get a better result in the industry. Fortunately, this worked out for her, incredibly.


Kiara Advani

The actress changed her entire first name before getting introduced to Bollywood. The change worked incredibly for her and she continued to reign in the industry.


Javed Jaffrey

The dance maestro had changed his last name with a simple alteration.

The change had proved to be lucky for them. He enjoyed immense success in the industry.

The most significant change that happened in the change was his destiny number.


Karishma Kapoor

Everyone’s beloved Lolo had changed her name and gained immense success in Bollywood.

The change got her wonderful movies like Dil Toh Pagal hai and Fizza. Her success became so envious after the change.

H- the number 8 is known as wealth and prosperity. The same thing happened with the leading actress after the addition of the H to her first name.


Ajay Devgan

He had changed his name after getting a suggestion from a numerologist.

Ajay- The word connotes invincibility and persistence in life.

The change also changed his destiny number to 1; denoting the same meaning and attributes of his name.


Ayushmann Khurrana

After adding an extra N and R to his first name and second name respectively, he gained immense success in his career.

The suggestion was given by his father who is an astrologer and the change brought a new destiny number to his life.


Rajkummar Rao

If we look back to the performances of Rajkumar Rao before changing his name, the success on his part was limited and less somehow.

The change not only brought incredible success to the actor but also proved him a frontline actor, where breaking the stereotypes  Rajkummar could prove his versatility in unconventional roles.


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