AstrologyChandal Dosha- Myth and Remedies

1st February 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

In the vicinity of astrology, Dosha is an outcome of movements of the planets in a Kundli. The conceptualization of Dosha in the realm of astrology is a pretty infamous one. In folklore, it is believed that “Dosha” transpires or incurs to a Horoscope when the wretchedness knocks on the door of the destiny. With the arrival of Dosha, things around an individual and his etiquette get a drastic change. But we have to admit another truth about Dosha that it has been exaggerated more than its actual efficacy. Here we endeavor to splash away all the myths and misconceptions about Dosha and guide people in the right direction with proper remedies.


What is Chandal Dosha?

According to the best astrologers of India, Chandal Dosha is one of the Dosha in Astrology that is often cited as a notorious one. Well, as we have discussed earlier, people concoct the true repercussions of Dosha with excessive fallacy and Chandal Dosha is not an exception from others. Usually, people believe that a person who is suffering from Chandal Dosha becomes a wretched beggar on the street and nothing can suffice that predicament at all.

The chandal yoga/dosha is shaped in a “Kundli” when Jupiter and Rahu come together to a zodiac sign. Though the “Chandal Dosha ” is considered as an inauspicious happening because of the convergence of Jupiter and Rahu, the myth of turning beggar and begging on road is a misconception. The Chandal Dosha implies a severe change in the behavior of the person. “Chandal” is the term used in ancient books and gospel for people who reside in burials and burn dead bodies as it is a significant Hindu ritual followed by the demise of an individual. The chandal in his behavior and appearance seems horrific, arrogant, and uncivilized. He remains far from civilization and that is how education and enlightenment don’t happen to him.

When The Chandal dosha creeps in a zodiac sign, a shift in his behavior and attitude can be observed. Well, if the behavior changes, it would impact the Karma and when Karma becomes wicked, a man becomes “Chandal”.


Effects Of Chandal Dosha

Problems in career and education
Difficulty while taking any decision
Financial crisis
Father-son dispute
Stubbornness and rigidity in behavior.
Loss of concentration.
Birth of unethical and immoral propensities.


Remedies For Chandal Dosha

worshipping Lord Vishnu will be fruitful.
Chandal Yoga Nivaran pooja should be performed.
11 Mukhi rudraksha will also help by wearing on the body.
Wearing yellow sapphire also provides good results.
Worshipping Lord Ganesha can mitigate problems in life.
Donate Honey, turmeric, yellow sweets to teachers or brahmins.
Distribute foods to animals and birds.
Performing Havan can also pacify Jupiter.

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