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“What are you planning to do?’’

“What have you thought about life?”

“What is your aspiration in life?”

“What are your dreams?”

When the answers to questions like these are unknown it makes you wonder. Everyone has confronted questions like these at some instance in their life.

Career choice has always been a significant decision in driving the direction of life. It impacts the life of a person directly. Choices are so varied that an individual may find himself in the state of the paradox of choices.

The race of chasing goals starts from the kind of interest you have and the choices you want to make.

What is career counselling?

Career counselling or also known as career guidance is a broader subject in itself. Career choices include many things. It is also a matter of fact to decide what kind of career would suit you and what would lead you closer to your goals. Career counselling is a futuristic choice.

Career counselling can be geared up at the early phase and the mid-phase of life. The process includes attempting the aptitude and attitude tests for the individual. Tests like these check the eligibility and suitability of the person. After the tests, the analysis is done which further is guided by the expert.

Why we need career counselling?

There are various alternatives like medical, nursing, teaching, social service, banking, business etc. Varied options in career and lack of knowledge have created chaos in the mind of a person. The person has to make a single choice of what he wants to pursue.

The questions raised entails further sub-questions, for example, like what kind of career should I choose? Or what career choice would be best for me? To clear out the clouds of confusion a person should seek the advice of a career counsellor.

It is said that half of the population is unsatisfied with the job they are pursuing. Job dissatisfaction can cause anxiety, unhappiness and depression in the worst scenarios. Before accessing the counsellor you need to understand your goals and wants. There is a lack of knowledge and information about the kind of career choices available. Career counselling includes attempting aptitude and attitude tests. The analysis done is based on these tests makes it easier for you to choose.

Importance of career counselling-

The career of a person is not a trial and error method as the time employed cannot revert. Here are a few noted points on the importance of career counselling-

  • It acts as a way of guidance to the kind of life you want to live.
  • It gives ultimate job satisfaction in life when you know you are making an informed decision.
  • It makes you aware of your strengths and weaknesses which would help you analyze future and him better.
  • It helps in making career planning (job and goals) and career mapping (career route).
  • With career advancements and changing time, everybody needs to be updated with the choices available.

Career counselling at the right time can make you achieve a higher position. Career counselling is a must for students at their early stage of life.

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