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29th April 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

Gautam Buddha– the light of Asia is not a name that requires an exaggeration of eulogy to be known. He is not an insignificant name too that would apropos to be forgotten easily. Buddha is an invisible conscience, Buddha is a hidden crusade, He is an ln illuminance of Enlightenment. Buddha was born in 623 B.C in Lumbini province in Nepal. His birthday is popularly known as Buddha Jayanti. The celebration of his birthday has different popularity, especially in China and East Asia. The Buddhist proponents consider this day as the most auspicious day.

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Buddha Jayanti 2021: Date and Time

This year Buddha Jayanti will be celebrated on 26th May 2021


Significance of Buddha Jayanti

Buddha was not an ordinary human with basic human traits. He was virtuous and spiritual. He could understand the true essence of life at a very young age. The naked realization of life led him to turn from Siddhartha Goutama to Buddha- the unique. The celebration of Buddha Jayanti commemorates the eternal essence of love, fraternity, kindness, and mercy.


Rituals associated with Budhha Jayanti

Buddhism supporters commence the ceremonies by visiting holy places such as Monasteries and Buddha Temples nearby where they discern a longer- full-length Buddhist sutra.

They are dressed up in white clothing and offer prayers to the lord with the purest of emotions in their hearts.

– Vegetarian food is served to the poor and especially on this day, non-vegetarian food is not eaten., People prefer ‘Kheer’ to serve as Prasada to practitioners.

Followers get themselves involved in the festival by listening to sermons, tales, preaching’s etc. from the Holy Buddhist Scriptures.

They distribute clothing, money, blessings, and other useful commodities to the necessitous and also offer food to the preachers and needful.

Priests, Monks, Saints, and Nuns pay tribute to the Buddha’s idol by offerings flowers, incense, Candles, Prasad, Milk, and Scented- Holy Water and place clay or artificial Diyas around the statue.

They also partake in various contemplation procedures and Yoga Retreats for inner satisfaction and self-improvement.

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