Learning Life From the Sacred “White” Buffalo

2000 years ago, seven sacred tribes of the Lakota Sioux were camping together. Lakota people are the Native American Tribes whose current lands are in North & South Dakota.

They were starving as there was no wild mammal or bird for food. Two young men went out in the Black Hills of South Dakota for food. 

They saw a buffalo and were about to kill it when they saw a large white buffalo calf. As it came closer, it turned into a beautiful woman. One of the two was disrespectful to the woman and she transformed him into a pile of bones. The other one fell onto his knees and started praying.

The white buffalo asked him to return to his people and inform them that she will come after four days. On the fourth day, she returned with the sacred pipe that showed how all things were connected and taught them to follow the proper path and to pray while on earth.

After that day, the Lakota people together with other tribes believed that a white buffalo is the most sacred animal on earth and learned a lesson that when the right action is joined with right prayer then the life will change in a miraculous way.

Lesson: We should always act rightly without any selfish attachment, without causing discord and living harmoniously with others.

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