Measuring the Size of the Helping Hand!

Anybody could be clueless when every aspect of life is falling apart-

*Not getting the deserved reward and recognition in office


*Boss is treating you more like a machine than human


*No time for family and hence relationships are getting dry too


*Marriage is either getting delayed or married life is just experiencing the strain of professional life


There is no shame in accepting if it is happening with you too.


Let me tell you one Astrological Remedy that I give to my clients and Trust me it will help even if you don’t believe in astrology.


Feed someone in need, it could be animal or human but bring food to them. When you feed someone, you understand that god has made you capable to do that and he is still looking for you. There is no better satisfaction than helping someone without expectation.


A helping hand doesn’t need to be big in size, it is the helping attitude that matters the most!


Agree with thoughts?


Share if you feel inspired, your one share might bring food to someone in need :)