Understand the Meaning of Success before trying to be Successful

I meet a very 'successful' car washer yesterday and learnt a lot from him.

Though I have taken an yearly car care package from a reputed brand but I was noticing this hardworking young man. He has recently started with a small setup near my home and I thought of giving him an opportunity.

He doesn't have the latest tools but his hard work was unmatchable.

He was not certified or having a degree but he learned even the minute details from YouTube and internet.

He was not an MBA but he surely know how to be polite, listen and satisfy a customer.

Offcourse, he is not a very big name or earning too much but he is still successful in my eyes because success means to "improve every day" .

As asked by a reader in #AskPandit "will I be successful ever?"

We wrote - "Success is a very broad term. For few, success could be publishing a book or owning a particular car. But true meaning of success is to "improve everyday" and if you are able to do that, congratulations!  you are very close to "your success" . Don't let the internet rush you. No one is posting their failures.

Agree with the reply?

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