Finding Happiness Under the Shadow of Hatred

I was #underestimated, #rejected, made fun of, laughed upon and then they talked to me!

It is so true, most of the people who hated me never knew me! They heard a little, assumed a little and garnished it with negativity to make the perfect curry of “Hatred”

And this journey taught me some most valuable #lessons of life. I share these lessons to my clients and summarising it here today for the “awesome you “


1: Enemy can be a friend that you haven’t hugged yet. Try to be polite , being mean is easiest.

2: Don’t care much about people who don’t care of you. The more you care, the less they will care. Ignore them and focus on yourself.

3: Age: it is never too early and never too late. Do what you love to do.

4: Beauty Standard: Don’t let the beauty standard defined by “society” govern you ; you are beautiful in your own way. Period.

5: Past: Yes it shapes us but we don’t need to carry the burden the whole life. Life is to move.

Along with this, the most important thing is to appreciate efforts. It never needs extra mile to appreciate someone or teach/improve someone BUT it changes life of the doer. Agree?

I know you have atleast one such suggestion for me and our other friends, would you like to enlighten us with that?