Easy Vastu Tips for Home/Office This Diwali

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पंच महाभूत or the the five great elements of nature is present in everything in the universe and its effect decides the course of action.

The balance of these 5 elements brings happiness and prosperity whereas the imbalance produce struggles and misfortune.


Your home is the powerhouse of energy for you, a good home environment will encourage you to grow and concentrate whereas a tensed environment invites all kind of hurdles and ill attributes.


Vastu is the scientifically proven Vedic Science that teaches the principles of architecture of a place and how to properly utilise the 5 elements of nature in it.

Vastu is the only way to turn away the negative in your home and make it more positive. 

This Diwali make note of these easy tips-


-Worship in the North-East block of your home while facing east. Also light a dia in this region. 

-Keep your valuable items in the south-west block of your safest room. Also keep some rice mixed with turmeric here.

-If you have washrooms in North or East block of home (it is a vastu Dosha and need more detailed study) keep an indoor plant there with a ceramic bowl filled with Rock Salt. Replace this salt every month.

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