God has arranged food for every mouth- True or False?

One day a man went to the forest and saw a very strange thing.

He saw a fox with just two legs living happily. He was surprised about how that fox is even able to survive when she can’t go for hunt.

He hides himself behind the bushes to learn the secret and after the dawn he saw a Lion with a killed animal in mouth. All the animals started running away with fear but the fox didn’t move. Adding to the surprise, rather than killing the fox, the lion dropped a little piece of meat for the fox and went away.

It was a life changing experience for the man; he learned how god has arranged something for everyone he created.

It was magical but he was in a little doubt just like me and you right now. Hence, to prove it for himself, he went to a distant land and sat there for the food to come. He waited for couple of days but nobody came to give him any food.  After a week when he was barely alive; he decided to quit. He came back home. He was now frustrated, angry and very confused.

Why the God forget me?

Why he didn’t arrange the food for me?

What I saw in forest was just a coincidence?

With all these questions in mind, he reached to a sage. After listening to his story, the old sage laughed and said “your desire to prove the already proven fact made you ignore the sign that god has sent for you. God wanted you to be the giver like lion, not the taker like fox. “

Similar to this Story, many a times we understand the wrong aspect and stay frustrated and confused. God has given us power but it is now on us to decide whether we want to be the lion or the fox.