Burning of The Twin-Flame – A True Story

I cheated when I saw her eyes when she was reading my heart. It was a moment that I felt I have waited for birth after birth , day after day, seconds after seconds and it was there in the most fairytale fashion possible. Her hands were cold but my heart was burning, her eyes were closed but my senses were open to cosmic and then came close and hugged.

It was supposed to be a very “butterflies in stomach” moment, something that any lovers feel, something that I have felt before, something “materialistic” to hug more or kiss or just grab BUT it was opposite.


It was just silence, it was just senseless, it was like a blank convex and left us really confused. It was not new, nothing sparkling.

This Left me confused till the moment I entered in my car (dark) from dark and felt no “different”... it was the moment I realised that we didn’t felt that spark because our bodies already knew each other, it was not new for us to be together, it had happened before so many times that it didn’t felt something new. It was not materialistic. When lovers hug, two souls and two bodies meet and that what create spark but this was different, there were two bodies but just one soul which can’t create spark, it can only create peace and a blank convex to paint whatever we want.

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