Am I Spiritual? – In My Own Ways !

This is indeed a very interesting and important question in many minds.

Spirituality in conventional terms is related to worship, god, visiting spiritual places etc BUT it is actually much deeper than that. 

Spirituality is the journey to know yourself and the purpose of life.


1- Journey to know yourself


It is what makes us different though being similar to anyone around us. Why one person handles the situation better than other, how one body is more immune than another, how sadness loose it's darkness for some, how happiness is dull for many ? The difference is 'knowing yourself' because you can never improve perfectly until you know what to improve.


We have seen people knowing themselves at the age of 15 and people struggling to know till the last breath. The worst situation is , when you know yourself "incorrectly" ; it is self-destructive.


2- Purpose of Life


After knowing "what you are" above ; the final step is to know "why you are".


Why you are part of the cosmic (you won the race among billions to take birth); why universe has made you like this, what is the plan of universe for you ?


As written in Viveka Chudamani:


"Vadhanthu shastrani yadhanthu devane, Kurvanthu karmanibajanthu devata, Aatmaikayodena vinabpi mukitha, na chityathi bhramma shathanthrashpi


Let them quote scriptures and sacrifice to gods; let them observe rituals and worship devatas (gods); but there is no liberation at all; no, not even in a hundred lifespans of Brahma put together, until the identity of one’s self with the Divine Self is realized. Seek the truth. The truth shall set you free. "


 So Are you spiritual?

 Yes you are spiritual even if you don't worship daily but do something that satisfy the soul and bring comfort to universe.

For example , if you bring smile to a sad face , a piece of bread to a hungy stomach, a helping hand to the hopeless eyes; you are absolutely spiritual.