Attachment to Result is the First Step Towards Failure !!!

The only thing more dangerous and severe than a problem is “Overthinking about the problem”.

Will I get this job and what will happen if not!

Will he/she accept my proposal and what will happen if not!

Will I get my money back and what will happen if not!

When we are too attached with the results, our natural phenomenon is disturbed and it eventually affects our performance.

On the other hand, when things are in natural order and we do a task without worrying about results, we perform much better than expectations.

It is very important to “Think” before taking a step but “Overthinking” after taking the step is highly destructive.

In hundreds of cases we have examined, it is absolutely evident that a calm and unbiased mind can do wonders and can achieve what was unachievable before.  

In relationships also, when we start overthinking about the destination of the relation, we actually start ruining the path to it and this again starts a new cycle of overthinking.

As experts, we suggest you to never be too attached with the results, play your natural game and focus on your performance rather than results.

Always remember “there is always a choice even if it is not very visible” and the only way to see that choice is to calm yourself first.

Feel free to talk with us if you are going through any dilemma or confusion and not being able to take a confident decision.