Treat Your Secrets Like Your Underwear- Don't Share it With Everyone

We all have secrets and sometimes we share it with wrong people who misuse our trust or simply make it public! In both personal and professional life, revealing your secrets may gave power to the other person to destroy you and hence it is important to choose a person wisely.

Though it will require your own fine judgement but still, being the experts we recommend the following things to keep in mind-

1)      Be very cautious when sharing a secret with a person who shares secret of others with you.

2)      Never share the secret to a person who doesn’t understand the sensibility of your emotions

3)      As Chanakya Niti says, if you share a secret to a person who will get advantage by selling it, there is high possibility that he will do it.  

4)      If it is very important to share a secret; share the information but never say the name of the person it is related to.

5)      Always remember, once the secret is out- you can never take it back. So never share your secret when you are flowing in emotions (either very happy or very angry).

Have you every being cheated by someone for sharing your secret? Can you relate and agree with the points above? Hit Like if yes.

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