A Relationship Guide By the Expert- Chapter 1

Relationships are never a straight line. It is always a zig-zag; it is naturally designed to be “agree not to be agree” but then you must understand the difference between a natural up-down and avalanche!

There are three stages of relationships going bad -

1)- you find an issue that is too resistive to go away from your mind and you keep thinking about it and keep spoiling your relationship.

2)- That issue has already loosen up the base of your relationship and now even a small issue hits it hard.

3)- You have already struggled so many issues that you no longer care to even talk it and though it a little peace BUT it is the peace before the storm.


Most of the time , couples reach me when they are either in 3rd or even worse stage and hence the chances of rebuilding becomes lesser; if you think you are finding any avalanche, it is high time you take guidance; it could be from your mutual friend , family or a relationship counsellor like us. 

Tip- IGNORING WILL MAKE IT WORST. You can’t ignore the elephant in the room! The best practice is “why-why” Analysis where you breakdown the bigger issue into smaller parts to reach the core.