Just Married- Already Separated !

An IPS officer committed suicide due to bad marriage life: What it depicts?

Kanpur’s SP, Surendra Kumar Das who had allegedly consumed poison on Wednesday, died at a local hospital on Sunday and though the story is now in hands of jurisdiction, it is important to find answer of questions like –

1-How a very strong man like him can take this disastrous step?

2-He was successful in every aspect of life, but marriage was something that overrode every other positive aspect he could have seen?

3-Was it the heat of the moment that entrapped him for that?

4-Is marriage really supposed to bring compromises/restrictions/arguments?

We talk to many couples every day and we know that there are uncountable cases where the partners think that ending the life is easier than ending a relationship, where they are fed up with everyday hustle, where nothing seems to satisfy or ease their mind and soul; BUT-

-In most of the cases, it is very small issues that are magnified by ignorance and ego

-In most of the cases, both partners love each other and just want to make it smooth

-They use each other as a frustration dumping ground (frustration of job, health, other family aspects)

And In each such cases, only “Talking” is the best medicine. Talk with a trustworthy friend, family or a relationship counsellor like us but don’t “IGNORE”

Always remember that personal life very much affect your professional growth. Agree?