Who Wants What - Chapter 1: Manager vs Employee

1- A Manager want Work On Time and An Employee Wants Time For Work

2-A Manager wants Discipline In Work and An Employee wants Sensitivity in rest

3-A Manager wants No Mistakes in Lessons and An Employee wants Lessons not Punishment for Mistakes

4-A Manager wants employee to follow and an Employee wants a manager 'worth' to follow

5-A Manager wants Value of Time and an Employee wants Value of Efforts

6-An Employee wants break from work and a Manager wants break of work (divide)

7-An Employee wants to work in a happy team and Manager wants A happy team to Work

8-An Employee wants new (better) work every time and a manager wants a new (better) way of doing the work

9-An Employee wants freedom in work and a manager wants trust for the freedom

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This series is to understand roles and as we can see their is very small difference in 'actual' wants but it creates big differences in 'actual' worlds because of misunderstanding

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