Positivity Helps You Find Purpose!

That Job is In the Different Corner of the country !

They are not even a big name yet, I am not sure if people even know it!

They have great vision but I am not very sure of their appraisal cycle!

The language and the food of the place is unknown to me , I don’t think how I will even survive!

This young lady was really confused and negative when she approached us for career mentoring.

Well, I could have talked a lot about survival and her fears but rather I chose to show her this picture first and her half of doubts were already clear!

There could be some calls in life that are too tough to take, too #impossible to get a growth BUT #persistence towards the goal has never failed anybody and it never will!

Agree ?

And join me in Congratulating Mohini for getting her employee of the month award on the first year work anniversary. Dear this picture will remind you of our conversation and your achievement over your doubts! Best wishes from all of us

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