Crucial Vastu Tips For Rakshabandhan

Raksha Bandhan is known as Saluno, Silono, and Rakri in different languages and cultures. Raksha Bandhan in Sanskrit means “The thread bond of a protection, obligation or care”.

To increase the auspiciousness of this festival, PredictionsForSuccess presents you some useful Vastu and Astrology tips for Rakshabandhan 2018.

Some Vastu tips to make Brother-Sister relationship bond stronger:-


·         For sisters- you should be facing North-East while tying Rakhi.

·         You can wear the yellow, red, green and orange color cloths, strictly avoid blue and black color.

·         You can use a frame of your family photograph in golden color and hang it on South-West wall in your house.

·         Avoid black color thread Rakhi for your brother. You can choose the red, pink, orange, yellow and green color of thread.

·         Be careful about your kids’ toy placement. Keep it in the East-North-East Vastu zone to make a loving relationship between the siblings.

·         As per the Hindu timing, don’t celebrate Raksha Bandhan during Bhadra Kaal or late afternoon.

·         Brother can gift gold chains, sliver chains and rudraksh jewelry. Alongside, you can give the fish aquarium, good luck cloths, yantras and book to your sister.

·         You can arrange “rudrabhishek anushthaan” in your home for a strong bonding in family members. Contact your family pandit for more information.

·         A sister can chant this mantra while tying the sacred thread on her brother's wrist for his long life blessings.




              “Yena baddho bali raja danavendro mahabalah ! tena tvamapi badhnami rakshe  ma cala ma cala “!!


The meaning of this mantra is- On the request of all the Gods, Vishnu tied up the strong and powerful Demon King Bali with his strength, and thus I am tying the power of Vishnu , in the form of Raksha, on to your hand . With the force and energy of this sacred threads, May the Gods be always by your side and keep you healthy and wealthy forever!!!


Suggestion- Don’t forget to worship your cash box or safe, it is also auspicious to tie a Rakhi to your vehicle/tools that you work on.



Note-The right time for Raksha Bandhan ceremony- 05:18 to 14:56. The Aparahan (best) Time of Raksha Bandhan Muhurat- 12:56 to 14:56.



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