Turning 30s or 40s? – Learn the Lesson of Life from The Hawk

A Hawk lives for almost 70 years, but coming to the 40th year of his life, he has to make an important decision.

At that stage, three major organs of his body begin to become weak-

1. The claws become long and flexible and hence feeling incapable of catching on the hunt

2. The beak turns to the front and starts interrupting the meals.

3. Feathers become heavy, and adhesive to the chest, they do not open completely and hence limit the flying capabilities.

Finding food, catching food and eating food, three of his basic instincts start loosing the sharpness. Now, he has only three choices left-

Either sacrifice the body,

Start living on the leftover food of other vultures ... or else

Restore himself as the legend of the sky.

Where the first two options are simple and quick, the third is painful and prolonged.

The Hawk chooses pain and restores itself.

 He goes to a high mountain, makes his nest in solitude, and then starts the whole process.

At first, he breaks his beak by hitting it on the rock! Nothing is more painful than breaking the beak for that bird.

Then he waits for the beak to grow again. After that he breaks his claws in the same way and waits for the claws to come back again. After new beaks and claws, he removes his huge feathers one by one.

150 days of pain and waiting ... and then he gets the same grand and high flying, like the first of the new.

After this restoration, he has won 30 years and with energy, respect and dignity.

Nature wants to teach us the same-

The claws are symbols of “Grip”

Beak represents “Activeness”

Feathers represents “Imagination”

Desire, activism and imagination ... three of these traits starts to get weaker when we start going towards 30s and 40s.

Our personality starts loosing the shine, in the half-life itself, life seems to end, the excitement, the aspiration, the energy comes dull. We also have many options - some simple and quick! And Some painful ... but if we choose the way that the hawk chose, we will regain all the energy and capabilities.

Even if not 150 days, but atleast a month to restore ourselves. Offcourse it will be painful to break the “luxury of comfort and monotonous” life but it will be worth trying.

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