Black Hard work Behind Glittering Success

Picasso is a name that doesn't require any introduction but this true story defines his greatness.


Once Picasso was walking on the road and a woman recognised him. She was very excited to meet this person whose paintings were sold for millions. She requested Picasso to make a picture for her but Picasso told her that he is not having his toolkit with him and he will make a picture for her later. 

She insisted that she is not sure when she will meet him next and at the end, Picasso simply took out a paper from his pocket and draw a picture for her in 30 seconds.


He told her that this is a Million Dollar picture. The lady took the picture but she was not sure how this could be such worthy, she thought that Picasso just fooled her and to clear out, she took this picture to the store and asked for price. And surprise, this was really a million dollar picture.


She went back to meet Picasso –“Sir, you were right, this is a Million Dollar Picture”

P- “I told you this already J

W- “Please make me your student and teach me how to paint. You made this picture in 30 seconds, I may be able to do this in 3 hours but it will be worth million like yours:

Picasso Laughed and said, “to draw this picture in 30 seconds, I have spent 30 years in learning, you can also spend the same and it will be worth”


She learned the lesson and I guess we too. Next time, when you see someone glittering with success, never ignore the background hardwork.


Success wants patience and struggle, and nobody can stop us if we have these. Agree?


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