The Brutal Way to Take Revenge? – Forgive With A Smile

Forgiveness is much bigger than Revenge, Anger, Jealousy and Vengeance.

When you forgive a person –

1-      You kill the evil inside the person with surprise (because nobody expect a forgiveness) and this killing HURT it so much.

2-      Add a smile with “I forgive you” and the evil inside the person (if still left from step 1) will be very damn cautious of you in future as you told him you are stronger, much visionary and think much different than him. He will always be in dilemma while you will get the actual peace and “permanent” satisfaction.

3-      If the evil inside the person is dead on step 1 (more chances), the person that he is now will do anything to say “thank you” to you.

Once a lady came to me, she was very angry and burning in revenge as she found about some ex-relationship of her husband which he hided from her. Now, she had already “over-think” that he might also be having an affair now, and those long office hours made a difference sense, all the disconnected calls of her in past now has a different meaning.

She already had tried talking with her husband and every time, it was huge fight as he was saying that past is past and why you are being suspicious of all the good he has done while she was angry because he has hidden the story. Everything is falling.

Anyways, I consulted and convinced her to just talk to her husband once again but to start the conversation with “I forgive you XYZ and I trust this is the best you could have done for us”

I never asked the details to her ever, but I know them as the happiest couples. They said they can’t thank me enough but telling you the secret my friends, the magic words were said by her wife.

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