Karma Lesson- Spoon for Ocean

Yesterday, I went to this nearby shop to buy some groceries and I saw a lady and her son.
He was really a very cute kid and the shopkeeper offered him candies. He opened many candy jars and asked the kid to take but the kid refused.
Even his mother asked him to take but he refused.
At the end, the shopkeeper himself took out candies from jar and offered him. surprise! He too those candies and kept in his pocket.
This was really something that flooded thoughts in me and his mother too.
So her mother asked him , why you didn’t took the candies when uncle opened the jar but now when he gave the candies , you took it ?
He smiled and answered innocently “mama , my hands are very small , if I would have taken the candies from my hand , I might have got 2-3 candies only but uncle’s hand are big and see , I got so many candies”
Moral - many a times we keep asking god for small things and when we don’t get it , we get sad. But we don’t realise that god has better and bigger plans , more candies than we can take.
May be we are holding just a spoon when god wants to offer the whole ocean.
Do your karma with good faith , and the god will surely reward you for that. True, isn’t it?
Share your views.
Happy Eid to all :)
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