10 Ways to Identify "FAKE" Nice People !

10 Ways to Identify "FAKE" Nice People !


1)- They don't respect everyone, but only the person with power and title


2)- They talk how bad other are in front of you (they will say similar about you to others)


3)- They will never give a true suggestion and only talks what please you


4)- They will be nice, warm and helpful only when they have a hidden agenda


5)- They will do all the tantrums and buttering to seek attention


6)- They will show off their assets or accomplishment every time you meet them 


7)- They are the first to make commitments and promises, and first to breaking them too


8)- They always want people to like them and hence they never express a true judgement or stand 


9)- Their attitude and behaviour change as soon as the situation is not going as they predicted


10) Most importantly, they will always ask you take easy shortcuts. loose relations, start addictions or simple, to sit and let it go


Agree? what is  the I missed and which point is your tool to identify fake people ?

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