May Long Live The Kid in You !

The urge to go out in rain and enjoy it.
Making a paper plane or paper boat out of a waste paper.
Writing slips to your friends during meeting and classes , and laughing secretively.
Tossing a coin for a choice and keep tossing it till it shows the face you actually want.
Making faces to the babies when there parents are not looking.
Making occasional crushes on people and then forgetting it a moment later.
These little fun may sound silly to a corporate lawyer, software engineer , management head and all other titles , but never to the little kid in all of them - little kid in all of us .
No matter what happens , never let your inner kid die , because this kid gives you strength to fall and rise again; be it love , relationship, bad job or bad decisions.
If this kid die , you will never be able to hear your heart and everything will be programmed by head, which may make life less risky but for sure less-life
Agree ?
This post is cheers to the inner kid in you :)
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