That Last Working Day To Remember - A Story

Today was my last day of working for this organisation and it was usual but then “that” happened!
Day started with filling the forms and handing over the final KT sessions and came to end in similar chaos. I have already received uncountable wishes and many gifts from my colleagues.
I collected my desk items and was coming out of the exit door and then I heard him from back
“Are you leaving, Sir? “
“Yes , today is my last working day here “
Wait for 2 mins please
Ok! (I was expecting one more document to sign )
Surprise ! He came back with a chocolate from his drawer and handed me that with a smile and said “Sir, I really feel important when you greet me in the morning just like you do to everyone. It makes me feel like , I am also an equal part of this organisation. Sir, it gives me a motivation to do my job more positively “
He was one of the office guards.
Frankly, I never knew my wishing could be so important to someone but it was.
Question to you - are the supporting staff really doing a “small” job? If not , why to treat them so ?
Are they “less” employee than anyone else?
Share your views ! Do you have the same habit as me to greet everyone in the morning (especially the supporting staff)
#Treat_Equal #equality