Respect the Invisible Lable- A True Story

That was a usual day, we were 4 interviewers, ready to start the walk-in drive of 100s of aspirants. 

As usual, we found good & better candidate, then this girl entered the room. Her score in written test was just touching the passing marks and frankly speaking, her technical skills needed a brush-up atleast.

My colleagues had already noticed "1 year back in study & 2 years of gap after completion" in resume. I can read from the faces that the interview is already over from their side.

I was also about to end the interview, but then I thought of atleast asking about any reason behind this

My colleagues gave "Wastage of 15 more mins" Look but I ignored and she started speaking, she was a rape victim, was sexually abused in her final year of college & took 2 years to get the strength to face the public. 

She smiled and said, this is her first interview and she is happy to make it till here. 

Did she got the job? - Do it matters! 


We learned the lesson though, people may not have the label; Labels like, Lost my job , Fighting cancer, bad divorce, etc! BUT Everyone is fighting a battle we know nothing about. The least we can do is be patient & kind!

Am I correct? what is your view?


Read- Learn- Share- Repeat

Vishal Bhardwaj