How I Learned - World is too Small!

Diary 2009- Sitting in the engineering lab of my college, everybody was laughing and chatting except me and my 2 friends. Our lab incharge Mr.Tandon entered into the lab and frustratingly told everyone to maintain decorum of the class but students were too busy to hear him and he angrily announced to reduce 10 marks from every student and that made me stand on my seat.

I talked with Mr.Tandon and told him that me with my friends were not making the noise and hence we should be exempted from the punishment but he was too angry to listen and yes, It was too uneasy for me to accept. We argued and he did what he said !

After few months, I found him on social media and sent him request (though I was very angry but still thought of clearing the air as it was an incident that not only affected my grades but mental peace) and once he accepted the request, we talked for some time and I reminded him about the incident and told him that how it affected my grade without my mistake, also told him sorry for argument. He accepted but told me that he has already left the college and is now working in the university so what has happened is done and I accepted it. We talked many a times in the coming years and I even planned to meet him but unfortunately couldn't.

3 Years later, I was waiting for my turn to meet external investigator for my final viva of project. It was an important day not just academically but also because I was not very confident about my project. I was cursing myself for how I could have prepared the project differently but I knew it was too late to make it better.

My roll number was announced and I half-heartedly entered the room.

Today is the day I meet Mr.Tandon again. It was surreal and I knew it couldn't have been better. As expected, It was amazing meeting me, we talked and viva went well. He gave me 15 marks more than what I deserved and most important, a lesson for lifetime.

Lesson- World is very small, and karma works without discrimination, so always try to resolve the misunderstandings, because you never knew what will bounce back. 

What do you think? Do you have such experience ever? Share your views.