#Entrepreneur vs #Unemployed - THE SILVER LINE

Many a times people confuse entrepreneurship with unemployment and vice versa.
You must recheck if-
1) You are searching for a job but as you are not getting one, planning to capture 10% Business of Flipkart/Amazon in the meantime by making a similar app.
2) You are planning to invest in some chain-building marketing scheme
3) You have a great idea, a big company, 100s of employees but they exist only when you are sleeping and it is same since months
4) You are planning to partner with people from the above 3 points
5)You are simply increasing your Social Media reach with help of bots/unethical shortcuts by thinking that quantity is better than quality
I wish I could be wrong, but I see a lot of youngsters actually wasting the time under the excuse of "Entrepreneurship". I am really not judging anyone but wasting time is never healthy. ENTREPRENEURSHIP IS NOT SECONDARY OPTION.
"Every Entrepreneur is not Unemployed and Every Unemployed is Not Entrepreneur" , what do you think on this, agree?
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