5 Reasons To Use Copper Vessels

5 Reasons To Drink Water From Copper Vessels

1-Copper is supposed to help you in loosing weight and making your body immune to many seasonal flu and diseases 

2-A very effective tip to maintain the health of your Thyroid

3-Some studies shows that it reduces the risk of cancer

4-Especially for the kids, it regulates brain functioning 

5-It strengthen your digestive system and reduces pain caused by arthritis.

Use of Copper has been highly appreciated and recommended in our Indian Ancient Vedas. And it is good to see that people are understanding the values of the wisdom of Vedas again after getting tired of "Man-Made Artificial Alternatives". 

Organic food, bio-degradable plates (Made up of Leaves), importance of 5 elements of nature in homes (Vaastu Shashtra) and much more is surely coming back. 

What is your view on the subject? Right or Wrong?