Karma Works In Its Own Cycle

In one of my jobs , I was so frustrated with the cramped processes and non-existing escalation matrix that even my performance started to hamper and that was the time I decided to move on from that system of mental discomfort.

I went to manager and told him this , but he was still so rude that he said that I am on a very small level and nobody will ever notice my absence even. Well, as of my nature, I didn’t argued and waited for Karma to do the job.

Yesterday I got call from one of my friends from the same company and she told me that the department got closed and that manager has been asked to leave. Though it was not a happy moment for me as many would have lost the job, but still I know Karma worked.

The razor blade is sharp but can't cut a tree; the axe is strong but can't cut the hair._
MORAL- Everyone is important according to his/her own unique purpose.... Never look down on anyone unless you are admiring their shoes.....

What do think of it ? Agree/Not agree?

FYI Astrological importance - Servant and labour is said to be the representative of Saturn and Saturn is the god of justice . So never do anything wrong with the hardworking people under you.