Stroy of A Murderer

He was a brutal Murderer, he murdered the best scientist, poet, musician, painter, and many more the world will ever see. 

It was not easy for him too but he was not looking at what this world will be missing. He killed them because of many reasons, sometimes due to responsibilities, sometimes it was comfort that won, sometimes he was just lazy to do anything else and most of the time it was for money. 

Now he was old and could barely move his fingers even. 

His youngest grandson hold his hand and asked for the reason of all this. He smiled and gave some lame excuses like he was not good in anything else, he was not sure how to start etc. but the child was determined to know the truth. 

And then the truth came out "I thought I was either too old or too young to start working on my passion and that's why I killed all my passions"

The most painful thing in the world is the feeling of "I wish I would have done that....."

Friend, The world is full of examples where the intensity of passion has surpassed the digit of age.
You are never too old or too young to start working on your passion ! agree?

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