Urgent Requirement

Urgent Requirement -

1- Electrician - who can make connection between two people who don't talk anymore

2- Painter - Who can paint smile on faces that lasts for time

3-Optometrist - Who can not only correct the vision but also the perspective

4 Gardener - who can plant new seeds of good thoughts and values

5-Plumber - Who can fix the broken relationship

6- Doctor - Who can fix the problem of “ego” between two people

And most important -

An HR- who can hire the talent not another bundle of degrees and experience letters

As an astrologer I also keep playing these roles with honesty because more than just an astrologer, you need a listener, advisor and healer. 

We all can play these parts for the people we care.

I think we all need these people, agree ? comment which post you can fill?