Are You Having a Bad day? - This Post Promise to Make it Better

A man had a very bad day and while going to sleep, he asked god "God, why you made my day so bad?"
God smiled, "I really don't have an idea, what happened dear?"
And the man started-
"In the morning, alarm went down and I woke up late" then
"I was already late and the car didn't started and I struggled to find an auto"
"I reached office late and even forgot my favourite lunch at home that I cooked last night"
"I got an important call, and before I could make a deal, my phone went off"
After such a hard day, I thought of going home and resting in my AC room but when I reach home, there was no electricity" Why you made my day so bad?
God smiled, "My dear, I did all this for you. I turned down the alarm and broke down the car as you were supposed to meet with an accident, I make you forgot the lunch as it was eaten by rat in the night and would have caused food poisoning, the call that you receive was from fraudster and your home was supposed to have short circuit so no electricity"
Friend, if you are having a bad day, it is the god's way to protect you from worse or strengthen you. He know what's best for you.
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