Why god give us pains when he love us ?

A supervisor was on the fourth floor and he was trying to connect to one of his workers on the ground . There were loud machines and no matter how hard he shouts , he was unable to get attention from the worker

The message was important
So , he threw a 10 Rs note at him , the   Worker saw the note and very carefully put it in the pocket . The supervisor threw another note of 100 Rs this time and just like last time , the worker took the money again .

Supervisor was frustrated and had no other option , he threw a small pebble at the worker. The stone hit the worker “Ouch, it hurts , who's that “
And this time worker look upwards and the conversation started.

The same happens in case of god, he wants to tell us important thing and hence wants to connect . To get attention , he first give us happiness and expect that we will go to him to thanks but instead we took it as our own just like the worker did. Then at the end the god has to give us some pain so that he can connect to us

Conclusion- nothing happens without a reason. Your job loss , cheating, our connection , reading this post; everything has a reason. You can ignore it but can’t deny. Be thankful, always.

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