Why Approeciation is the Best Reward

On a very fine morning, Jacob and his manager were taking walk to the office. Jacob saw a violent dog coming towards them.

The dog was barking at them and it was certain that he will bite one of them in no time. 

To save his manager, Jacob carried his manager in arms so that incase the dog bites, it bites Jacob instead of his manager. 

Fortunately that was an lucky day for Jacob and the dog ran away. 

After the dog and danger was gone, Jacob put down his manager.

His manager stood still for a second and said 
"I have seen people shoo away the dogs by throwing stones, and shouting but this was so ridiculous of you to try to throw me instead"

Lesson- There are people who never appreciates no matter what you do. And we really don't like those people much. It demotivates. 

What do you think, is it possible to work for long without appreciation and recognition?