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‘Fasting’ or called ‘upwas’ or ‘vrat’ in hindi terms has been followed since ages in Hindu mythology. Fasting occupies significant essence to it. It has gained more and more importance over time.

Let us first understand what actually is fasting?  

Fasting is the act of willingly abstains food intake for a day or more than a day by a person. A lot of reasons and meaning can be associated with it. Not inclusive of one, fasting involves a lot of benefits if observed properly with the guidance of an expert. For proper tips and advice you should consult the best astrologer in Ghaziabad.        

In the process of fasting the devotee willingly refrains from eating cooked food and other eatables though intake of fruits is acceptable. The objective of the whole act of fasting is not to abolish food intake but it is to indulge in the practice of self control and discipline.

These are some of the eminent reasons –

  • Psychological – It helps in gaining control of oneself over his or her behavior.
  • Spiritual- Fasts are observed in order to attain purity in soul and actions.
  • Physical- It is highly advised by the health experts to observe fasting once in a week or month. Fasting improves immune system of a person.
  • Emotional- It helps in taking control of unwanted desires and emotions.
  • Devotional- Fasting is mostly done in order to please or worship God and goddess.

The significance of fasting cannot be denied. Some follow it regularly and some follow it on specific occasions. Fasts on specified days are an act of devotion from the worshiper to his or her deity. Before start observing fasts on specified days you should definitely consult the best astrologer in Ghaziabad for remedies and guidance.

Fast observed on specified auspicious day increments its importance but it is also noteworthy to follow the guidelines to make it more advantageous. Any assumptions or ideas on their own senses should be avoided rather should be guided by the expert.

The Hindu mythology has been following different fasts for different occasions which are specifically described on the position of sun and moon. Fasting on specific days can reduce the ill effects or doshas in birth charts.  To drive the birth chart of a person it is greatly suggested to Shweta Bhardwaj, the best astrologer in Ghaziabad.

If an individual observes fasting he or she must follow few general guidelines and rules –

  • You must make sure the house is neat and clean before keeping fast.
  • The devotee should avoid non-vegetarian food in the house.
  • It is the practice of eating food at night. The food cooked should not be processed or stale.
  • The fasting procedure starts from the beginning of the day with Morning Prayer and rituals.
  • It is also said to water Tulsi plant and the supreme sun in the morning after prayer.
  • The clothes that should be worn are ought to be clean and sometimes are advised to be of particular color on the specified day, for example it suggested to wear yellow color clothes.

Some of the specific fasts have their own rules regarding food, clothes and ritual. The specified fasts on some weekdays or particular days are meant to remove doshas are to be performed with the guidelines of expert astrologer.

For astrology consultation and reading of birth charts feel free to consult Shweta Bhardwaj, the best astrologer in Ghaziabad who is a certified expert in the field of astrology. She is equipped with the best astrological suggestions and guidelines up to her best knowledge.


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