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In today’s world, Vaastu Shastra is considered as a sacred science that helps people in living a stress-free life. According to Vaastu, there is a unique characteristic associated with each direction of different rooms that convey something.It is essential to rely on Vaastu for perfect harmony and to keep problems at an arm’s length. It is even more important for the bedrooms, because we all try to escape ourselves from the worries of the world to have a tension-free sleep. Thus, bedrooms also need Vaastu tips to ensure peace in the house.


The location of our bedrooms is of utmost importance because we are spending our one-third lives there. We approximately spend our eight hours a day in the bedroom. The essential properties of different zones transform our subconscious mind and mould our actions accordingly.


Bedroom is once such place where we enjoy our sleep, relax and get ready for next day. Hence, it is important that our bedrooms should provide deep & sound sleep that would be able to provide innerpeace of mind, makes you feel energetic, enthusiastic & refresh to face the challenges of the next day. Bedrooms should also provide us a sense of security too, because we are not in our conscious state while sleeping. With the help of this article, our Vaastu experts will guide you about the Directions, Shapes, Colors, Sleeping Positions, etc for your bedrooms.

Also, in case you wish to get a detailed analysis of your bedrooms then simply get in touch with our experts here.

Bedrooms Direction

Master Bedroom: Ideally, the best direction for a master bedroom should be south-west direction but in case you have to choose the staircase or bedroom for south-west, then give first priority to the staircase. In this case, bedroom can be in south & west direction.

Other Bedrooms

North-west Direction: Rooms should be in north-west direction for children’s who have crossed their adolescent age or wish to go out for study or are in their marriageable age (especially girls).

South-east Direction: Create a guest room in this direction. Please keep in mind that this direction is not suitable for couples.

North-east, North & East directions: This place is good for older couples and young kids. But, again please keep in mind that this direction is not good for couples.

Brahmasthan attracts a lot of energy which is not conducive to the main objective of a bedroom providing rest, peace and tranquility. Hence, bed should never be in the central position.

To know more about who should take the master bedrooms, why south-west direction is the best place, where to place your family or dead ancestors photo frames. Talk to our Vaastu experts.

Sleeping Positions

  • Always try to place your head in south direction as it will improve your health.
  • If your head is towards the eastern direction then you will see an improvement in your knowledge.
  • Do not sleep with your head towards the west direction as it will lead to bad health
  • To avoid bad dreams, disturbed sleep and ill health, never head towards the northern direction.

What Color Paint?

  • Off white
  • Pastel shades of blue & green
  • Grey
  • Light rose

Avoid too bright or too dark colours. The room should be well-organised, clean and clutter-free, says Vishal Bhardwaj, an expert in Vaastu Shastra. Do not keep utensils and metal in storage space as it may cause mental stress and diseases.

Banish Devices

It is found that the electronic devices are highly electro-stress instruments i.e. electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and the frequencies from these devices emit harmful radiations. Avoid Television, mirror, computer in the bedroom. In case you still want to keep a television, then you can place it in the left or right in south-east direction facing east.

More Tips

  • Avoid beds that are made of wrought iron, only use beds made of wood. Mattresses used should be single
  • Make sure all the electronic devices are placed at a reasonable distance from your bed
  • Strictly no to a mirror in front of the bed
  • Avoid a round or oval shaped bed
  • Refrain yourself from hanging photographs of deceased ancestors on the wall of the bedroom
  • Never place your bed in front of the bedroom door

So, if you follow these simple principles of Vaastu then they will definitely provide you serenity & peace, improve health, relations & will enable you to lead a better life.

Shweta &Vishal & Bhardwaj are experts in this subject, and are guiding their followers by solving their life problems. They correct the reasons of troublesome life by using their Vaastu knowledge. They are experienced in eradicating the negative energies, the reasons behind these energies and predicts the life decisions too.

Take our experts advice and enhance the way of your living.

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