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18th March 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

The invention of astrology and its importance in the field of prediction for success don’t need an elongated elaboration. But the study of astrology has been subjected to skepticism for the matter of accuracy and perfection. Often people become curious to implore, does astrology predicts things with adequate accuracy? Is it true or just a fallacy? For their suspicions, all we can say, it does work but never without your endeavor towards the goal.


What astrology does?

Astrology as a study prognosticates the future possibilities of an individual based on his Zodiac Sign and the positioning of planetary forces in the Kundli. If we retrocede to the past to investigate, this prediction with the movements of planetary forces has a history from time immemorial. Starting from Mahabharata to Ramayana, this has been a prominent part of mythology. Hence, study and its practice have perpetuated from those days because it had a significant relevance by that time.


How does astrology work?

Astrology works similarly to science and art! It is a beautiful amalgamation of prevalent facts and some researches. As we know, research is a persistent process. It has no ending and every turnaround in research is a fact to reckon. Similarly, astrology is incessant research that gives valid outcomes at times. The conjunction of planetary forces in your Kundli and their consequence is often predicted by the knowledge of astrology. Sometimes those predictions are apt and sometimes they are just a warning for the concerned individual to get ready with remedies.


True or False?

The curiosity that hounds everyone is whether the predictions made by astrology are true or false? First of all, it is never false because the world would not have accepted astrology as a study if it was a superfluous phenomenon. It is all about believing and perceiving things from your perspective. Most of the time predictions go right and very seldom they don’t turn out to be the truth. But there is a reason for that. Let’s explain it in a lucid approach.


Fortune or luck is like a Bank locker. It must have two different keys, one in the responsibility of the authority and the other one at the customer. It takes a mutual presence of both to open that locker! So here for fortune, we have two different keys. One is KARMA and the other one is the TECHNIQUE. What we perform is karma but what astrology knows is the technique. We just keep doing our stuff but we don’t know the approach to how to succeed. That mantra is hidden in astrology only. It can help you out to get the best.

In the end, we can sum up by saying that the study of astrology is a constant process towards positivity. It doesn’t influence people to refrain from hard work, rather asks to implement the ideas of smart work.


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